A masterclass that educates you on the real reason behind your anxiety, how to start addressing it, what to do to break out of it when you’re in one of those overthinking-anxious spells, and more!

  • What anxiety really is: You may think situations make you anxious. Yes, they partly do. But they aren't the real reason behind your anxiety. In this masterclass, I will show you why you've been ineffective in resolving your anxiety all this while.
  • The processing that goes on inside your psyche that you're unable to make sense of that leads you to confusion and even more anxiety.
  • The above two learning points will forever change the way you see anxiety, doubts, and yourself.
  • The most effective ways to go deeper into these long-fed anxiety-overthinking/ anxiety-numbness patterns so you can begin to release the stored anxious energy right away.
  • Q & A on what thoughts are, how to explore childhood patterns, and more!

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"It did lead me to awareness. I feel I am better resourced to handle my anxiety, unhealthy thoughts and patterns if I choose to operate out of this new sense of awareness from time to time.  It was indeed quite helpful. Thank you for making me a part of it.💚"

Female, 30s, Development Sector

"Of late I have been making a conscious effort to understand my anxious patterns... And also making an effort of taking small steps to work with them... So the masterclass brought in a lot of understanding to help me work on it."

Female, 50s, HR Professional

"The masterclass was quite good. In terms of helping understand the whole underlying meaning of anxiety. I think you are quite good at breaking down things to a first principle lens and answering it for yourself and others logically. I resonate a lot with that as I think I am very much like that as a person."

Female, 30s, Consumer Marketing Strategist