Rooted In Chaos

Find, Nourish, & Deepen Your Anchor Within



To fulfill this mission, while the usual investment in this transformational 3-stage roadmap is $3500, you're only investing 1% of that.

NOTE: If you're purchasing from India, the approximate INR conversion is INR 3,083 as of May 21, 2024.
- Your card must have international usage activated - you can do it through online banking.
- In case of any questions/ payment issues, please DM me on IG HERE.

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        Learn to be your own Inner Guide so that you:

        • Stop wasting time trying to
          figure it all out on your own.
        • Have a clear, proven,
          step-by-step process to easily
          follow at your pace.
        • Are able to heal and resolve
          your own past.
        • Find clarity in the emotional
          & mental fog that clouds your
        • Can make decisions in
          relationships, work, & life
          that are aligned to you.
        • Build a deeper connection with
          yourself & begin to tap into
          your wise self.
        • Repattern old unhelpful
          subconscious narratives &
          beliefs keeping you stuck
        • Live your best version across
          all aspects of life.

        "I highly recommend this program as it not only helps resolve the current issue like other therapies do but gives you a guide to handle any and every situation in life and helps you flow like a river."

        Priya, Research Scientist, US


        "Even though my practice is just at the surface, the sense of stability I feel within myself is manifold in comparison, and this has made me more in control of my reactions to triggers."

        Roli Chaubey, Chartered Accountant, India


        "Rooted In Chaos has made me understand and practice how to stand in my truth, calmly, and humorously at the end, even if initially things trigger me."

        Jasmine Sachdev, Drama & Movement Therapist, UK