Rooted In Chaos: Monthly Membership

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This space is only for Rooted In Chaos course members.
If you're looking for live guidance & coaching, join others walking the path 💜
It's a space away from social media. A space focused on inner healing & growth.

Meet Your Inner Work Guide


An Inner Work Guide, Shobhali works at the nexus of coaching, therapeutic modalities, & spirituality. A Psychology (Hons) graduate, a trained life & professional coach, a certified yoga teacher in the Sivananda lineage, and a diploma with an ongoing master's in Nalanda Buddhist Philosophy & Psychology, she's trauma-informed and trained in multiple therapeutic modalities, and engages in deep spiritual practice through guided and self-led retreats, long fasts, and daily integrated self-work. Shobhali truly believes our mental, emotional, and relational struggles to be a skill gap - of emotional, relational, and life skills. She also believes everyone can learn these skills to lead a happy, meaningful, and fulfilling life.

Community Space

- Away from Social Media
- Community of people walking the same path as you.
- I personally respond to all queries 6 days a week, every week 💜

Live Guided Calls

- 4 guidance calls a month
- On Sundays (monthly dates shared in advance)
- 9 AM CST | 7.30 PM IST | 3 PM BST
- 2 hour calls

Rooted In Chaos: Monthly Membership

$37 USD

per month

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P.S. With this membership, at this price point: You're getting 4 sessions, of 2-hours each, of live group coaching & guidance for less than $10 per 2-hour session!
Or, another way to look at it is: 8 hours of live group coaching & guidance for less than $5 an hour! That's insane value for your financial investment!