What if there was a clearly laid-out, tried and tested, path you could follow, step-by-step, that taught you how to understand your mind at its deepest levels, build emotional resilience, relational wisdom, and heal unhealthy patterns, while being anchored within yourself with deep inner clarity and alignment?



Find Your Anchor & Guide Within

Lifetime, self-paced access to a proven 3-stage roadmap that combines ancient wisdom with evidence-based therapeutic modalities, and teaches you how to be your own inner guide.

Guides you out of your constant struggles with your emotions, relationships, repeated episodes of self-doubts, self-criticism, being unsure, and the often experienced confusion within.

Teaches you simple, effective daily practices to develop gut-deep clarity, build emotional wisdom, and learn how to heal your attachment, relationships, and belief patterns.

This roadmap has been curated over several years of my working closely with self-aware, action-oriented women struggling to break out of their stuck emotional patterns and relational issues despite having tried self-help books, coaching, therapy, and other healing modalities.

Every single one of these women who showed up to do the work experienced phenomenal results.

.                     .                     .

If you're self-aware, feel many emotions, and often find yourself thinking:

"Why am I (still) stuck?", "What am I missing?", "What am I not seeing?", "How do I stop feeling/ thinking/ behaving this way?"

You've stumbled upon a roadmap literally made for you :)

I wasn't aware of how deep one can go into one's self- one's body, one's mind, understand not only 'patterns' but learn how to become one's own guide. It's simply remarkable; I noticed myself being able to truly listen and identify what I need/ what I want to create. I saw myself become more confident in all aspects of my life, I was able to regulate my emotions better, manage my anxiety - something I've been trying to work on for two years now.

Raisha Galib

Consultant - Climate Asia

I have become WISE...I now have RESPECT for my Body. I respect & take care of my Body - my vessel, my vehicle, my temple. I can see, listen into, & heal whatever comes up. It's noticing the daily small shifts that produce the most profound results. I am learning to be equanimous, working with my mind, and working with my body. Rooted in Chaos has been a monumental journey from that of suffering, of confusion, to peace, to clarity.

Meghna Chawla

Founder, Foster & Forge Foundation, 

QUICK FACT CHECK 1: Your life is a direct reflection of your thoughts, emotions, beliefs, narratives, a.k.a., your inner world. Unless you resolve the unresolved in your inner world, your outer world, a.k.a., your life, will somehow continue to feel stuck.


You've already tried stuff - self-help books & articles, maybe YouTube & podcasts, journaling & reflection, and maybe even coaching & therapy.

And nothing quite really FULLY fits, right?

Can You Really Get The Clarity, The Safety, The Belonging, & The Wisdom In Your Regular Day-To-Day Life?

🤔 And when should you do the deep work needed for all of this to emerge?
🤔 Should you even think about reading all the self-help books out there in the world?
🤔 Are you building the required habits of reflection, healing work, meditation? How often?
🤔 What about your emotions that go all frenzied every now & then?
🤔 What about your wanting to do something meaningful, and have better relationships?

Phew! That's a lot of unanswered questions 🙄 Let's look at another fact though ⬇️

QUICK FACT CHECK 2: The reason self-help books, coaches, therapists, etc., don't work beyond a point is because NO ONE can EVER get into your inner world & see exactly what's happening there, OTHER THAN YOU. Plus, a therapist or a coach can take you only as deep as they've gone within themselves - while many may have a degree, not everyone has gone as deep within.


In my 12+ years of experience of diving deep into my inner world & the inner worlds of my clients, I've realized:

 The best strategy is to learn the skills & practices that the best coaches, therapists, and spiritual teachers have that enable them to coach, heal, and guide you.

Once you become your Guide to your Inner World, you then KNOW what you want, what you need, & what’s in full alignment with you, and can accordingly seek out what's right for you.

Life then becomes a beautiful dance - intuitive, ever-emerging, and full of eternal meaning & joy.

I see myself as a very different person now. I still have doubts - I'm uncovering myself - but I've been able to shed layers of myself which wasn't easy! Observing & pointing out the conditioned layers is a process - an everyday process. I can see myself blossoming, & becoming myself. I'm really grateful I came across this course!


IT Professional | Mother

In 10 weeks, I went from thinking of running away to planning a baby with my partner. My understanding of my own feelings and how to regulate it has progressed immensely. I resolved a lot of my past traumas which to my great surprise were affecting my present more than I would have imagined it to be.


Scientist, Big Pharma

I, Shobhali, struggled to make sense of my emotions for a LONG time – I’d take a step forward only to fall three steps behind.

  • I needed to go beyond mindset work – into the body, into my emotions, into the unhealed past.
  • I needed to learn how to calm my mind enough to really see what was happening in the storm within.
  • I needed to learn how to heal my unresolved past and integrate it, to move forward.
  • I needed to make sense of why things were happening the way they were in my life.
  • I needed to understand that unless I resolved my inner world, my outer world wouldn’t get ‘fixed’.
  • I needed to connect with my own wise self – my inner guide – who could be my best coach, therapist, healer, & teacher.

💜 Rooted In Chaos was born from my personal journey,
💜 Developed working with hundreds of clients I've had the privilege to guide over more than a decade, and
💜 Refined over the last two years of closely working with self-aware, action-oriented women.

The amount of depth & testing, and seeing results over & over again, makes me super confident in now bringing this roadmap to you because I know IT WORKS.

If you’re self-aware with lots of emotions and thoughts, and can see that something needs to change in the way you're experiencing life...

Rooted In Chaos will guide you to be your own inner guide so that you:

  • Are able to heal and resolve your own past.
  • Find clarity in the emotional & mental fog that at times clouds your mind.
  • Can make decisions in relationships, work, & life that are aligned, and truly feel good, to you.
  • Build a deeper connection with your gut intuition and begin to tap into your wise Self.
  • Repattern old unhelpful subconscious narratives and beliefs keeping you stuck.
  • Live your best version across all aspects of life.

A 3-stage roadmap, divided into 10-steps, that brings together powerful ancient wisdom-based practices and evidence-based therapeutic modalities in a simple to follow step-by-step process.

1. Own Your Regulation: Anchor the body, mind, & emotions

Before you can resolve anything, you need to feel safe in going within - this happens when you learn how to soothe your body along with skills that allow you to have a stable mind and wise emotions.

2. Cultivate Clarity: Heal & process the stuck & unresolved

Once you bring in the foundational stability & wisdom, you then build skills to navigate your inner world so that you can heal & change stuck trauma, unhelpful beliefs, & unhealthy narratives.

3. An Aligned Life: For continual growth & evolutoion

As the deeper stuck pieces open up and  begin to heal, you now have space to truly re(define) & align yourself & your life, becoming your own inner guide - grounded, clear, wise.

*The entire process is entwined with a deeper understanding of life through higher wisdom teachings passed on across ancient traditions of yoga and non-dualistic tantra which elevates your understanding, healing, and growth, hard to find in other spaces*


My aim with Rooted In Chaos is to provide you *everything* you need in your inner work journey. This is the only course you'll ever need to learn the right knowledge, skills, and practices to heal the past, break out your limiting patterns, and live an aligned life.

Grounded within yourself

You'll learn how to soothe & ease your body, & settle down your mind. No more overwhelm.

Deep emotional healing

You'll understand how to process & release emotions the right way. Emotionally wise.

connection with yourself

You'll become your own best friend, forming a strong bond with yourself. Rooted confidence.

relational healing

You'll heal all conditioning & stuck patterns across relationships. Relationally wise.

spiritual growth

You'll see & understand life at the most nuanced level from the wisdom of yoginis & tantrikas.

Continual growth

You'll learn how to integrate it all in your day-to-day living, allowing for continual transformation.

I  began Rooted In Chaos when I was struggling with fear of almost everything. Through the first two modules, I’m learning how by being present in my body I can feel safe. This allows me to look at my fears, understand where they are coming from, how not to drown in them, but be able to hold them & let them pass, letting myself heal.

Roopali Paliwal

Human Resources Manager

Rooted In Chaos has made me understand and practice how to stand in my truth, calmly, and humorously at the end, even if initially things trigger me. It is a lot of FUN to do that. So much comfort that I feel in my body and in my truth today, is because of this program. When I write this, I feel it in my body and how it moves me.

Jasmine Sachdev

Drama & Movement Therapist

How would it be for you if:

  • You felt clear and confident about your deeper desires and decisions in life?
  • You didn't react to your fears and anxieties and didn't get stuck in your repetitive patterns?
  • You could observe your thoughts calmly and change them instead of being pulled & pushed by them?
  • You became emotionally wise instead of emotionally reactive and overwhelmed?
  • Your rejection fears and abandonment issues dissolved, and you felt secure in your relationships?
  • You could stand up for your truth, draw healthy boundaries, and feel great in doing so?

I know when this started becoming true for me, it was like my life began to change 180 degrees!

And I know this is exactly what happened for all my clients who showed up to follow the roadmap and do the work.


Rooted In Chaos is for you if you are not just looking for superficial solutions but are ready to dive deep into your emotional and relational complexities.

This program is designed for wise emotional mastery and healing.

Within the chaos of our lives lies the fertile ground for growth, self-discovery, and lasting change - if you are ready to navigate your way from turmoil to tranquility, from being rootless in chaos to being rooted in courage and clarity,
Rooted In Chaos is for you.

Through this journey you will emerge with the deepest appreciation of your emotional landscape, equipped with tools for emotional regulation, resilience, and a profound understanding of life from the most nuanced lens.

You will have developed an intimate connection with yourself, with your gut and your clarity, laying the foundation for a life rooted in ease and expansiveness.

Rooted In Chaos is not just a journey out of chaos but a transformation that enables you to find stability, growth, and happiness within yourself, your work, and your relationships.


Immediate lifetime access to:

A proven roadmap with 10 power-packed modules.

Over 100 videos, audios, and other resources.

My signature Reflection Guide for accelerated learning.
Life-shifting conceptual understanding & practices.
Guided exercises to integrate learning in your life.
Direct email access to me & optional group + 1:1 sessions.

And you learn the most effective practices to:

Build inner calm, clarity, and grounding.

Cultivate emotional wisdom and relational healing.

Understand life at its deepest level, become your own guide.

P.S. No other stand-alone program brings together such powerful methodologies and teaches you how to use them in your daily life.

Sneak Peak Into What Direct Access To Me Looks Like?

The usual investment in this transformational 3-stage roadmap is $3500.
You're only investing 1% of that.


1. I'm on a mission to support 100,000 women's inner work journeys & transformations AND want to make such life-shifting learning accessible to as many as I can.

2. After fine tuning the program for multiple years, I'm now confident you can walk yourself home by simply following the roadmap laid out for you in Rooted In Chaos 💜

 ONLY $37 

Lifetime Access. One-Time Payment Only.

"Rooted In Chaos is an incredible space to really deep dive and work on your Inner Self. I have had the pleasure to learn and work on myself through a beautifully curated step-by-step journey through Rooted In Chaos. The work that Shobhali does, is above and beyond.

Aakriti Jindal
Compassionate Integrity Trainer

"This program came as a blessing when I most needed it. Perfect coach & hands-on application of life management tools. But do remember - it is impossible to change if you don't trust & apply these learnings on a daily basis. It's rigorous yet rewarding.

Yashika Fulwani
Management Consultant

"This Course & the Guide are absolutely amazing. It's for anyone seeking to get more out of their being. This experience has shifted much more than words can express inside me. I now have simple tools & practices to guide me when I lose that sense of clarity."

Sanymi Gupta
Leadership Development Coach

"Earlier, I used to feel "This is the way I am." But now I can easily figure out the difference between my emotions & me being Me. The awareness of my body, my surroundings, & my emotions which has developed in me, makes me feel grateful, & be a calmer person."

Shobhna Bansal

You might be thinking:
"Shobhali, the testimonials sound great. But how do I know if Rooted In Chaos is right for me?"

I'm glad you asked! I want you in Rooted In Chaos  ONLY IF  it's right for you.

Rooted In Chaos is  100%  a perfect fit for you if:

  • You're trying to work on yourself, but you get stuck with certain emotions in your relationships or at work, or just within yourself.
  • You're self-reflective, take responsibility for your actions, and are committed to your personal healing & growth.
  • You've always faced challenges head on. You're 'strong' like that. You’ve been trying to solve your emotional & relational challenges too, but something is missing and you can't seem to put a finger on it.
  • You are ready and willing to give this tried and tested path of Rooted In Chaos a fair shot by following the process the course guides you through, and reaching out for support when needed.
  • You're ready to show up, go beyond the superficial layers, and do the work to fully understand, resolve, heal, and evolve.

Rooted In Chaos is likely  not  a match for you if:

  • You're looking for a quick-fix, an overnight magical solution. I don't do that kind of work mainly because there are no silver bullets. There are definitely short-term and long-term resolution practices - things you do to resolve things in the short-term, and things you do for long-term full resolution. I teach both in Rooted In Chaos, as we need to use both, together. BUT, if you want a quick-fix, this ain't that.
  • You wish this was like going to a spa - where someone else will come and do the work and you'll start feeling better. A.k.a., you don't want to, or aren't ready to, put in the work. If that's you, Rooted In Chaos is definitely not for you.
  • You believe you've tried it all and are very cynical of trying something new/ different. You're not willing to trust & follow a tried & tested process. Rooted In Chaos won't work for you if you don't follow the process.

If you're still scrolling, you're likely a fit for Rooted In Chaos, and probably wondering who I am!?! 

so who am i?
and why should you trust me?


Despite being driven and independent, something felt off.

Growing up, I was told 'women can do anything men can.'

It helped me succeed in the world, but it also made me prioritize masculine traits like hard-core logic & action-orientation making me a go-getter at the cost of neglecting my emotions and my inner world.

This imbalance led to a string of failed relationships & a constant feeling of being lost.

It wasn't until I began diving deep into my inner world that things began to shift.

As I began to dive in, I explored coaching, therapy, spirituality.

I even practiced as a coach, therapy practitioner, yoga & meditation teacher.

I went deep, really deep, into myself in my quest to understand what was really happening with me! 

my journey to emotional wisdom & mastery

A degree in psychology, training in coaching, several retreats, dark retreats, long fasts, training in multiple therapeutic modalities, trauma work, body work, and working hands-on with hundreds of people!

Eventually, as my journey unfolded over the last 12+ years, it finally dawned on me - the cliche - all that you're looking for has always been within you.

The missing link for most people is: how do you look within such that you're able to clearly see what's happening, heal the unhealed pieces, and change the unhealthy, unhelpful patterns.

Thus, I began on the path I today walk - continually becoming my own inner guide, and guiding others to do the same.

Because at the end of the day, the agency & responsibility to change your life lies with only one person - YOU.

That's why my mission is to teach you the right skills & practices that are most effective & significant for you so that you step into your clarity & wisdom from a rooted space within and live a joyful life with deep inner confidence, in alignment with YOU.


"So, Shobhali, what's the guarantee that Rooted In Chaos WILL work for me?"


If you do the work - follow the laid-out path, implement it, and practice the tools - it's highly unlikely to not work for you.

It has worked, time & again, for so many women just like you - self-aware & willing to learn.


When you show up & do the work...

Worst Case Scenario: You'll be amazed at the depths the course can take you to & the insights you can have.

Best Case Scenario: Your life will transform right before your eyes!

The REAL Question is: Are you willing to show up for yourself and do the work?

 ONLY $37 

Lifetime Access. One-Time Payment Only.

Ayushi Arora

Women Enterprise Development

"I'm mind-blown to another level looking at the program now, it's next-level beautiful how you have brought in your learning and integrated it into this beautiful program. I believe it's one of those few things that can't be described in words but can be deeply felt within. I feel I have become more connected with myself than ever."

.                    .                    .

Chandana Singh

Senior Application Developer

"I have begun to sit more grounded... I am starting to accept that the timelines in my mind are my own creation... I do not feel lonely as much as I used to feel in my past relationships and I want to make myself content and happy on my own without rushing into anything that does not serve me. This stability I can feel in me. No matter if I have someone or not, I have started to look up to myself and be my own go-to person."

.                    .                    .


Head of Marketing

"I came to her to understand or improve my struggling relationship with my husband and to align on our future goals, and ended up learning a lot more about myself, some life-changing techniques, and got an opportunity to see deeper within my own self. Her courses are like gold... Thank you Shobhali for walking with me on this journey of figuring out my true path."


While most people come into Rooted In Chaos after trying a few different things like DIY self-help, coaching, therapy, and other modalities, there are also many who start their inner work journey with Rooted In Chaos.

In some ways it's actually helpful to come in with a clean slate - you have less unlearning to do, and less cynicism (hopefully!)🙂

At the end of the day, it doesn't matter so much if you're a 'newbie', what really matters is: Are you going to do the work - watch and practice along with the videos, follow the path, implement it?

If yes, then you'll do just fine!

A lot of my clients come to me feeling like they have tried everything.

The trouble is you actually haven't tried everything - you haven't tried Rooted In Chaos 🙃

On a more serious note, most things you've tried haven't been able to give you the Whole View:

You're made of a few different parts - broadly speaking - the physical body & the mind.

However, these two are so intricately woven into one another that you can't separate them. One affects the other ALL THE TIME. EVERY. SINGLE. MOMENT. Thus, you need to understand and learn them as a WHOLE to truly heal, grow, & evolve.

Within the body are the gross physical body (all that you can touch) & the subtle physical body (sensations, chakras, elements, kundalini, etc.)

Within the mind are emotions, narratives, beliefs, habits, memories, involuntary action patterns, etc., AND also the potential to access your own WISE, grounded, clear-seeing Self.

This work is DEEP and demands in-depth expertise. This is why I continually train in proven methodologies from ancient wisdom-based practices and contemporary evidence-based research so that you get the most HOLISTIC IN-DEPTH GUIDANCE.

Rooted In Chaos is your ONE-STOP SHOP for all things Emotions, Relationships, Spirituality & Life!

The worst case is you continue to live with these challenging habits and don’t try anything else.

The best case is you end up with a similar success story to the clients above 💜

It's completely dependent on you. Clients I've worked with have taken anywhere between 11 and 24 weeks.

The program is designed in a way that you can complete it in 10 weeks. But there's a reason I don't say 10 weeks.

It's because each person has their own pace, and this work must be done at your pace, and your pace alone.

To give you a hypothetical estimate:

1. If you sincerely invest 20 minutes everyday, it'll probably take you about 16 weeks.
2. If you sincerely invest 60 minutes everyday, it'll probably take you about 10 weeks. 

The strategies and practices I teach work equally well for wherever you are located and whatever life & career stage you are in.

These are the very essential life skills that we missed out on as society at large - we ALL need them.

You studied English/ Math | Engineering/ Bio/ Commerce | Philosophy/ Psychology/ International Relations | And whatnot!

BUT you never studied Life, and you didn't learn the skillset that enables you to ace Life - a.k.a., stressors, emotional rollercoasters, triggers, relationships, loss and death et al!

Once you pick up this new skill set, begin practicing it, and honing it, your Life WILL transform right before your eyes!

I want you to be able to learn, practice, and hone the right skills, AND TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE.

At the end of the day, my job isn’t to convince you to sign up for Rooted In Chaos. It’s just to make sure that you have all the information you need to make a great decision.

If you show up and do the work - watch the videos, do the practices, implement in your life - it will be near impossible for it to not work.

It has worked for everyone who has been a part of my teaching and learning spaces & has shown up and owned their learning, healing, and growth.

I've worked with clients who have been diagnosed with one or more of these 'disorders', those who haven't been diagnosed with these but show some symptoms, and those who have neither been diagnosed nor show the symptoms.

It's important that you understand this:

All these (and some other) 'disorders' - Anxiety, ADHD, BPD, etc - have a strong base in emotional dysregulation.

In fact, all our struggles come from our inability to manage our emotions well.

If you are here because you struggle with emotions, then whether you have a diagnosis, or you relate to one of these disorders, or neither - Rooted In Chaos is going to show you a path you haven't walked before.

P.S. The reason I've put 'disorders' in quotes is because I see disorders from a different perspective:

At some point in your life, 'THIS' order had to be created in your inner world because your outer world was 'disordered'. So you don't have a 'disorder', you have an order that doesn't meet your needs anymore 💜

You don’t need to. It will depend on what your current situation is.

Are you functional on a day-to-day basis, i.e., can hold a job, do your day-to-day chores, and can engage with others?

If yes, and if you are willing to own your learning, healing, and growth, then you most likely can do this without any additional support.

Also, if you're in therapy right now, Rooted In Chaos can be a BIG support to accelerate your healing.

Many previous clients have done this program along with therapy, and have said to me time & again how this program has filled so many gaps for them that even therapy didn't.

I've trained in many, many different modalities - from therapy modalities to coaching modalities to spirituality.

And yes, I have many, many certifications! You can check out my credentials here.

BUT... In my experience, just having the green light on paper doesn't say much about the person's expertise.

I believe there are 3 things that one should look at when thinking of working with an expert (coach/ therapist/ counselor/ inner work guide):

1. Are they continually engaging in upskilling themselves in their expertise area?

2. Do they continually do their deep inner work?

3. What do past clients have to say about working with them?

Once these 3 are okay, then you gotta trust your gut, and experience working with them yourself.

Also, FYI, I don't align with the traditional Western therapeutic approach and systems - they tend to segregate and isolate too much of who we are - we are WHOLE beings, not compartmentalized "to-be-labeled" objects.

Thus, I've chosen not to be a part of that system - while I believe many therapeutic modalities are great and very powerful & I use many of them in my work, I choose to not be "certified" by any gated institutions.

This is a self-paced online program with 10 modules that have 7 lessons each. Within each lesson are videos, audios, and other learning material.

The entire program is designed in a step-by-step way with clear instructions & exercises to take you from one lesson to the next to allow your skills, knowledge, and experiential learning to grow in the right way - holistic & complete.

There are 100+ super effective, insightful, and potentially life-shifting resources available to you (all of the videos, audios, & other learning material)

This is NOT a 1:1 program. The orientation section sets you up for success with the mindset and instructions to walk the Rooted In Chaos path.

You get personal emails from me with bonus tips & hacks for the first 12 weeks. I highly encourage everyone to reach out to me when needed by simply replying to these emails.

And at anytime you feel stuck, you can simply ASK HERE and I will personally get back to you ASAP.

My signature Reflection document called the Guide To Your Inner World grounds your journey on this path.

You will also have the option for discounted 1:1 sessions with me if you need them.

P.S. I'm phenomenal in providing support to those who show up for themselves - remember, it truly is my mission to support your inner work. You can be rest assured that you will be supported in this self-paced online program 💜 when you show up & do the work.

This is the lowest cost my program is ever offered at. Clients I've worked with have invested up to US$3500.

That being said, I would love for you to join when it is a good time for you! This is an evergreen program, meaning you could enroll anytime you want at the price prevailing at that time.

I can tell you this: The longer you wait, the longer it'll take to resolve and heal.

I don't say this to create urgency or fear. I say it because it's true. The longer you wait to learn healthy ways of being, the longer you'll be strengthening your already set unhealthy ways.

If you’ve been waiting for someday, stop waiting. Get in and get the support you need.

It's completely dependent on you. Clients I've worked with have taken anywhere between 11 and 24 weeks.

The program is designed in a way that you can complete it in 10 weeks. But there's a reason I don't say 10 weeks.

It's because each person has their own pace, and this work must be done at your pace, and your pace alone.

To give you a hypothetical estimate:
1. If you sincerely invest 20 minutes everyday, it'll probably take you about 16 weeks.
2. If you sincerely invest 60 minutes everyday, it'll probably take you about 10 weeks. 

You don't just get to keep all the training curriculum forever, you also get any and all updates to the curriculum 💜

I'm continually working on myself - gaining deeper insights, and learning from the most recent studies and research - thus, I update the curriculum as and when needed.

Given the nature of digital products there are no refunds or money back guarantees.

P.S. The value in the program at the investment it is being offered at is literally insane.

I'd love to hear from you! Simply ASK HERE and I will personally get back to you ASAP.



Yoga Teacher

"A Guru/ Teacher/ Guide is a person who can help a student see what he/she cannot see. And that's exactly what Shobhali did for me. She helped me see what I was unable to see by myself. I now have a clear thought process of what I have done & what I should do to bring a shift in my life. A very calm thinking process."

"When I attempt to describe the ways in which I've benefitted from Shobhali's guidance and input, I fall short every time, because words do not do it justice. I say this as someone who came into her program with nearly a decade of engagement with various forms of therapy/ therapeutic practices and a fair amount of self-awareness...She is trauma-informed, patient, endlessly insightful, assertive, and kind. I'm grateful and would recommend even a few hours with her."
- Female, 30s


Program Partner

"It seems to me that Shobhali doesn't just coach you during the sessions but also functions like a channel & presents the knowledge that you really need. I suppose this talent of hers is related not only to her nature but also to the fact that she has been working on healing & meditation for many years & that she has reached a certain level of consciousness in her own life."

 Final Thoughts From Me To You? 

Trying times are the best platform for us to majorly transform ourselves & evolve into the version of us that’s been waiting for us to wake up to it.

These feelings of doubts, anxieties, & fears are not there to be gotten rid of as most people might advise, but rather to be understood & honed into into wise counsels across all aspects of our lives.

This is a period for you to learn how to become more YOU by delving into yourself, understanding how your inner psyche is actually working, & making some foundational changes necessary to evolve into your greatest self.

This difficult period is like a portal. It could be a portal into a rabbit hole when you don't have the right skills, or a portal of evolution if you know how to maneuver through it.

The longer you wait to build the right emotional, relational, and mental skills, the harder it gets as you continue feeding & strengthening your unhelpful & unhealthy ways.

 You have the opportunity to learn how to rewire your mind's way of processing, heal your emotions, and change your unhelpful patterns - all in $37! 

I know you have this opportunity because I too have walked this path,
 and guided many others to walk on it. 

And in doing so they not only cultivated a calm mind and clarity, but were also able to  HEAL THE UNRESOLVED  pieces of their past and focus on nurturing their desired life:
Emotionally wise, mentally clear, deep inner connection and confidence, loving relationships, and meaningful work.

All the things  you too can have. 

 ROOTED IN CHAOS is for you if you want to: 

  • Resolve your emotional patterns and the root causes of your emotional turmoil.
  • Learn to manage intense emotions when navigating through chaos.
  • Heal & transform past traumas to navigate towards a more peaceful & empowered existence. 
  • Nurture secure and loving relationships, starting with yourself.
  • Live all aspects of your life truly aligned with your core.

 ONLY $37 

Lifetime Access. One-Time Payment Only.

You can create WHATEVER you want in Life
WHEN you become your own GUIDE
Through the right knowledge, skills, & practices.