Working With Difficult Emotions

16 Guided Integrated Practices that enable you to dissolve your Difficult Emotions


Life's ups & downs come in different shapes and forms.

But if you think about it, in a nutshell, your current struggles - whether at work, in relationships, or within yourself - are because you are unable to manage (at least some of) your emotions.

Due to this, you are likely to experience bouts of emotional overwhelm (anger outbursts, anxiety, confusion, fears, or shutting down feeling resentful, helpless, disconnected, or even bitter)

How Would It Be To Ease Emotions And Begin To Resolve the Overwhelm?

That's what this course aims to bring you, and that's who this course is for:

Someone who wants to learn how to befriend their difficult emotions so they can start letting go of the stuck-ness and heaviness, and welcome in ease and wisdom.

You've been trying to change some of the emotional reaction patterns you have. You've tried a few different things, some things may have even worked, and yet there are emotions you want to better understand to resolve.

You struggle with emotions in your relationships and have probably been told you overreact or are too emotional. Maybe even you don't like how emotional you are, and would like a better way to resolve your emotional landscape.

You've been doing your inner work for a while now and have realized that you struggle with handling the intensity and depth at which you feel emotions and life. You're looking to deepen your emotional wisdom.

You've been diagnosed with BPD or a mood disorder like Bipolar, or anxiety related disorders. You may have had therapy. And are now wanting to understand yourself and your "disorder" beyond the mainstream western view.

What's in this course?

16 practices that integrate several modalities, allowing you to bring together your whole being - body, mind, emotions, and beyond - and support your inner world of emotions and your relationship with those emotions.


Each guided practice will help you shift your conceptual understanding of the "difficult situation," in your life, like:

1. How to Create Boundaries from Inside Out?

2. What truly is Self-Acceptance and Love?

3. How to shift the Stuck Parts Within?

4. Ways to Work With Overthinking.
(Among several others)


Every guided practice guides you into experiential exercises.

Since you can do these practices at your own time and convenience, you can fully immerse in each practice!

This experiential nature of these practices has the potential to create deeper awareness and clarity in you leading to the possibility of significant shifts in your emotional and mental states in a short time frame.

P.S. This self-paced course also provides you access to:

1. EMAIL SUPPORT: You will get direct email access and support from me as you begin the course - use it to bring in all your experiences, doubts, questions, and more.

2. OPTIONAL SUPPORT: You will also have additional support options with this course - of heavily discounted 1:1 sessions with me, plus our monthly live guidance group spaces.


I spent a good chunk of my 20s-30s in mindset work, self-help books, yoga, meditation et al., and was STILL stuck in confusion & doubts with my emotions & relationships.

After years of working in my inner world, and guiding several others with similar struggles for over a decade, I've been able to integrate the most effective research-based techniques with ancient wisdom-based practices.

These 16 practices are my offering to you to go deeper in your work within to resolve stuck emotions.

My MISSION is to support 100,000 women in their inner work journeys over the next three years, by making such timeless wisdom practices as accessible as I can to all.

 ONLY $17 

Lifetime Access. One-Time Payment Only.


An Inner Work Guide, Shobhali works at the nexus of coaching, therapeutic modalities, & spirituality. A Psychology (Hons) graduate, a trained life & professional coach, a certified yoga teacher in the Sivananda lineage, and a diploma with an ongoing master's in Nalanda Buddhist Philosophy & Psychology, she's trauma-informed and trained in multiple therapeutic modalities, and engages in deep spiritual practice through guided and self-led retreats, long fasts, and daily integrated self-work. Shobhali truly believes our mental, emotional, and relational struggles to be a skill gap - of emotional, relational, and life skills. She also believes everyone can learn these skills to lead a happy, meaningful, and fulfilling life.